Venue – FanFest Events



Central Line

Change at Shepherd’s Bush for a 2 minute Overground train to Kensington (Olympia).

Piccadilly Line

Baron’s Court is a 9 minute walk away from Olympia London.

Hammersmith & City Line

Hammersmith Station is a 5 minute bus ride or 15 minute walk away.

Circle Line

High Street Kensington is a 4 minute bus ride or 12 minute walk away. Hammersmith Station is an 5 minute bus ride or 15 minute walk away.


Coming 2019!


Is the venue accessible to those with disabilities?

Yes! If you need additional details, or assistance, please email

Does the venue have concession stands?


Security at Heroes & Villains London

Handbags, totes, backpacks and messenger bags are allowed, but may not exceed 40cm x 50cm unless they are clear / see-through. No duffle bags or suitcases of any size will be permitted. Diaper bags and bags for medical equipment or needs that exceed these dimensions are generally allowed but may be searched and in rare circumstances may be prohibited at the discretion of security. Each attendee may bring multiple bags that meet the above criteria. ALL approved bags will be searched through a pre-entrance bag check.

We understand many of you are traveling and have luggage with you, and encourage you to utilize your hotel’s concierge service (typically available all day the day you check out) or off-site public lockers where available. If deemed necessary by security or law enforcement, pat downs may be performed in accordance with established venue and local law enforcement practices.

Cosplay Policy: Real weapons of any kind are expressly forbidden on the premises. This includes all firearms and airsoft guns. No fake guns of any kind or design will be allowed inside the venue. All other cosplay weapons must be made of plastic, resin, or foam. Crossbows must be unstrung. We strongly advise attendees not to bring replica weapons as part of their costume, as there is a possibility that this will slow down your access and your weapon may be confiscated.

Liquids Policy: Sealed beverages and other liquids (medications, etc) will be allowed inside the venue. Opened containers or reusable water bottles will be subject to additional screening.